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  1. OK, I will try! But full album art editing functions may be the right thing for next versions of Poweramp, I think!
  2. Now I have cleared the cache. When I let pweramp show me fitting covers and choose one, it's the same old story: Most of the covers aren't shown. The clearing of the cache seems to be ineffecitve. Can I embed covers with Poweramp?
  3. Sorry, but this is not the fault. It's not helping to skip forth and back. At weekend I will clear the cache and restart searching for the covers. I thank you all for helping me so far. So long! Ingo
  4. So, all images aren't embedded. Not the displaed ones and not the not displayed ones. Maybe, you can tell me, where the covers are stored... I don't know, if you realized, that the covers dissapeared after upgrading. I don't know, if they will be displayed after downgrading... Shall I try?
  5. I don't know if I want that, because there are over 1400 titles on my phone. So I have to download many covers, what needs much time...
  6. Sorry, but it doesn't work. I can choose a new caver, but it can't be overtaken. The canvas stays black. (I'm sorry for my bad english)
  7. In many cases it works, thank you!!! But there are some cover, who aren't shown yet. For a fraction of a scond it's shown "Poweramp" and after that nothing...
  8. @andrewilley: I only use MP3 files. But from different encoders. @Vince911: Don't ask me, which options I changed, because there were some... Maybe you can tell me, what to do to heal a corrupt milkdrop file...
  9. The Menu tells me that there's no embedded cover. But the lock screen, the widget and the notification area show it. In the Attachements you always see the same title! Greatings Ingo!
  10. I've got the Huawei p8 with Android 6. the App doesn't show album arts, but the widget and the notification area do! I tried different options, but it's always the same kind regards Ingo [Edit: Picture erased]
  11. Thank you for replying, I found the fault... I interpreted the filemanager usage wrong. Now it works, thank you! Greetings Ingo
  12. Hi there, I know that there are some topics about read/ write rights, but not equals to my problem, I think... It's like that: I am not able to change the ID3 Tag of a song I saved on SD Card. It's even not possible to delete a song over Poweramp. The deletion with the filemanager works correctly. If I try with Poweramp there arrears a dialog that shows: Error! No write access to the file. To enable access, please select SD card in the Grant Access dialog, then try again. When I press the "Grant Access" Button, nothing happens. I've got Android 5.0.1 on a Huawei P8. What's wrong? Please help
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