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  1. Per this, the Album view does not work and it considers the Artist tag which it shouldn't be. Can you rectify this please to not consider other tags apart from Album.
  2. That lists the songs on 'Album Artist' tag like: 1. Artist1, artist2 2. Artist3 But what I wanted is: Album1 Under Album 1: 1. Song1 2. Song2 Ideally, if the option is not selected, the unique key would be the 'Album Artist' value. If selected, the unique key would be 'Album' value. Is this behaviour correct?
  3. @andrewilley Yes. Changed Artist1, artist2 in my examples with the Album Artist tag values. Rescanned and still the album view lists 2 when filtered with the Album = Album1.
  4. There is an option Poweramp Settings -> Folders and Library -> Lists -> Join Albums when enabled, the music library will join on the Album names. For example, the songs: 1. Album1 - Song1.mp3 - Artist1, artist2 2. Album1 - Song2.mp3 - Artist3 will be listed under Album1. This was my assumption on how this should work. However, even when this is enabled, I could see two separate listing on the Album names and artists. Can this be overridden?
  5. Thanks Andre. Now I am clear that queue is used for temporary playbacks.
  6. I got 940 songs playing from the queue where the current track count is 320. I wanted to try out some other tracks and played a track through Album view (which has 6 songs). Now the current playing status is 1/6. If I wanted to go to the queue, I could click on the previous list in the interface << and this showed me 1/940. If I am not doing this right, will I be able to resume from the current track (320) in the queue?
  7. This does the trick for me. Just playing the entire Genre and when new tracks are added, it plays automatically. Thanks andrewilley.
  8. It is a maybe TheoKlink. Let me explain a bit more. A simplistic description would be to auto update the playlist when there is a change in the library. Here's the issue, if the playlist is added to the queue (Select queue -> Add to queue) and the playlist is updated, this update has to propage to the queue. A sample scenario: I have set up the folder /Music to auto sync from my local desktop. I usually listen to a lot of them and whenever I find some music interesting, I add it to my desktop which automatically syncs to the folder. Under Poweramp, I have a playlist created by a Genre (R
  9. Hi, First I would like to thank you for a great app and using the Poweramp app (paid) version great. I would like to know whether this could be made as a feature: I have a folder containing 1000 tracks that is actively monitored by Poweramp. I have added a subset of tracks that match a criteria (genres or artist = 100 tracks) and add it to the queue which now contains 100 tracks. I sync up my android folder and then 10 new tracks are added, music folder contains 1010 tracks (auto updated to Poweramp library). If all the recently added media (10 tracks) matches my queue, I would like to aut
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