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  1. Hi again, is there anything like a manual for Poweramp as I still keep coming up with questions, like is there any way to exit the app, tried pausing it but it keeps coming back on. The thing with it turning it's volume control right down happened again yesterday. Just been going through all the settings again and the Resume on Start option is only in the audio settings now on my install
  2. Thanks for all that, I think they have moved the Resume on Start in the beta as I found it in the audio settings.
  3. Installed the beta but not impressed so far, is there any way to get the album art to display all the time like the old version, all I can get is the bar-graph thing or patterns, album art only comes up for a few seconds when I tap the screen.
  4. Can you share how to get the album art back as I think I have tried every option but just get the bar-graph thing or patterns
  5. Thanks, will give it a try. Is there a setting that I might have missed to tell Poweramp to start playing as soon as it starts, currently it always starts paused.
  6. Hi, Had no problems with Poweramp trial so bought licence but since then I have lost volume twice, it is the internal volume control that you get to through the equaliser that keeps getting set to zero, it took me ages to find the cause first time, is there any way to lock this to my device volume control or something. Also, didn't think about updates before but does a licence entitle me to them, and if it does, how long for?
  7. Been using the trial of Poweramp on a car head unit and liked it so have been trying to buy full version but not having much sucess. Filled info in on direct purchase page but I can't find the "Submit Order" button. What does this box label on direct purchase page mean exactly: "Your device Google/Email Account (as specified in Settings=>Accounts)" I tried entering a new yahoo email in it but it says it is invalid. I don't have a google account but I got a new yahoo email addy and tried the yahoo mail app on the head unit but I can't get it to work. Is it not possible to buy/use Poweramp w
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