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  1. Hi Last week i switched to samsung galaxy note 9 from xiaomi redmi note 4x. My problem is, i have a hedset that has 3 buttons. On the xiaomi phone you can set the 1. and the 3. button to volume up/down or next/previus song. This function is missing from samsung and i cant find an app that do this. Right now i can change the volume with thoose button, i think this is default. So Max, can you implement this to Poweramp? I bought the app long time ago. THX
  2. When i put in the cord, the music is gonna start. And i able to Stop or Start the music with the call pickup button on the headset.
  3. Hello I am currently using a Xiaomi Redmi Pro phone. Miui 8 android 6.0. I set in the settings, when i pull out the headset, the music stops. But when i pull out the headset, music stop for 1-2 sec and continue after. Even if i stop the music before, i pull out the cord, the music is gonna start when i pull out the cord. I have to kill the program so not do this. I am using the Play Store version 2.0.10-build 588play
  4. And i supose you could not able to talk somebody to do something.
  5. Godd for you. Then i think Central Europe not in this Sale. Thats a shame.
  6. Then why is on Hungary, the app cost like 3 or 4 dollar on G Play, but in the UK cost 1 pound and the US cost 1 dollar on Google Play, and the Google Play Says BLACK FRIDAY + WEEKEND SALE. Look this is not fair.
  7. Hi first of all sorry for my english. I really want to buy your program. And i really thought there would be an discount on Black Friday, yes but not on Hungary ? Why ? I really want to buy your program but on US price (1 dollar.) I know i am a cheapstick.
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