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  1. That would be nice! Please, rework the shuffle function. There's a lot of space for improvement.
  2. Hi, I´ve noticed that when I have my phone connected to speakers with hifi option enabled, messenger sound notifications act weirdly. When I get a message, the sound starts playing for a few seconds through my phone speakers, then switches back to my active speakers. It does not even play the notification sound, it just redirects the audio for a little while. I do have Lenovo Vibe X3
  3. Hi :). When I enable Hi-Res Output for my headset with max, sample rate 192(which is the biggest I can choose), the audio with the screen off becomes choppy after some time. It doesn´t seem to be a problem when the screen is on. I have Lenovo Vibe X3. Thank you for all the hard work, this release seams to be pretty awesome so far :).
  4. Yes, that's the case. Please, developers, add some way around this. I have to use another player to play single tracks, because I don't want to destroy my list everytime.
  5. I think that I got lost a bit. I will try to explain this once again. I have the shuffle all on. It automatically created a list of songs which it goes through. Sometimes I want to listen to a partiulcular song, so I play it. Then when I press next song with the shuffle all on it creates a new list of songs, which means that some songs in the new list will be played again, because they were already played in the previous list.
  6. I tried adding a song to the queue and then pressing next with shuffle on. It reshufled the queue and started playing from the begining.
  7. Hi, I turned on the shuffle all function in Poweramp. It automatically created a playlist of my songs which it plays. When I do not want to continue listening randomly to songs and I want to listen to a particular song, I look for it and play it. This removes the shuffled playlist and then when I want to listen to random songs again, it creates a new one. This annoys me, because then I hear some songs more than once, because they got reshuffled. Is there any way around this and if not, can you please add some feature which would keep the shuffled playlist in memory? Thank you in advance.
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