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  1. I divided my 1700 songs on 170 folders with 10 files in each and ... it's works!
  2. Worse, if all files are deleted metadata. What is the number of files in the folder to the liquidity of their scrolling? Why, then, stock player goes without a problem?
  3. I do not have the possibility to transfer my library (1700 songs) on the phone memory. Checked for an example quantity of 30 songs on the phone - it was ok. But with 30 songs on the SD card - it is ok too. When completely turned off crossfade (with pause, track change, etc.) is clearly better, but still there are moments that change does not work right away, just a second or two (hard to tell in 100% after 5 minutes checking).
  4. Poweramp version:, Device: LG G2 Mini (D620r), Android: 5.0.2 (original ROM from Polish T-Mobile). My problem with Poweramp is as follows. When I want to switch to the next / previous track I always have to expect from a second to even 10 seconds to track changed to another (delay between the time you press a button on the screen to respond to the music player). It's the same with pausing the song and its resumption. The problem with Poweramp I have from the very beginning on this phone (previously Android 4.4). The SD card was previously used another phone with an older Android an
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