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  1. To hear.."real soon now", is good enough for me. Just like everyone else, I can't wait till V3 is released. But perfection takes time, and im sure once we all have the new release downloaded onto our devices, it will have been worth the wait. Keep it real, and the volume turned up y'all!!
  2. Ok thank you. It's been a while since I've been able to use my phone because of personal reasons,but that is all I needed to know. Cant wait for the final release of the new version. I know it will be completely awesome.
  3. First, id like to apologize if this topic was already posted or replied to. I am unable to find it by searching. Anyhow, I have a samsung s6, and after becoming a tester for the Alpha 3, I no longer have lyrics for any of my music. This was not a problem when I had the latest version 2 Poweramp installed. I believe I have all settings correct. And I also believe I have all settings correct on Musixmatch, which is also installed to its latest version. Any suggestions?
  4. how do i use these settin.gs and what are they used for?
  5. Thanks to all who answered the question I asked!!!....Poweramp RULES!!!!!!
  6. What exactly is micro service and how does it differ from regular service
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