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  1. It's probably been covered, but is there any way to make the time longer before the "Visualization" starts? Right now, it's only about 3 seconds after you hit "play" ..... Would like the ability to make it 5 or even 10 seconds (or customizable).
  2. I have a phone, a Nexus 6P, that when you rotate it there is a slight "glitch" while it re-orientates itself (the Moto X Pure is the same way). This is "normal", to an extent.... But with the current Alpha-Build 700, the "glitch" is more pronounced and takes slightly longer than the stable version of Poweramp, as well as the other 2 audio players I have on my phone. Not sure why this is, but I wanted to report it. I am running a custom ROM, but it's been like this on 5 different stock (AOSP), and 2 different CM builds, whereas the others are less "glitchy".
  3. Ok, been running V3 build 700 for just over a week... Over-all, it's fairly stable and it just sounds better in my car and with earbuds. A couple observations: 1) Playing through a Bose Bluetooth speaker, it crackles/static slightly every other song or so and will drop out for a fraction of a second about every 3rd or 4th song, didn't do this before 2) Has randomly just stopped playing music without touching the phone. This has happened with and without anything plugged in (no bluetooth). I think that's all I can think of right now? There was a 3rd one, but I can't remember it now? Like I mentioned, it just sounds better now. The lows are more defined and the highs are clearer, with the exact same EQ settings I had before the upgrade to the testing alpha-build. GREAT work!
  4. I have a Nexus 6P running stock Android 6.0...... I didn't have this issue on any other phone, but on this phone, the progress bar of the songs doesn't match up to the actual location in the song....and with SEVERAL skins, it doesn't even show up or move at all. Some skins it only moves about 1/4 of the way through, but the song is almost over. Is this an Android 6.0 issue, or something to do with the 4k display? Has anyone else noticed this? Most of the time, I don't notice it, since I just "plug and play"....But I'm also a guitar player and when learning a new song, I used to be able to use the slider to go back or forward to a part in a song, now it only works maybe 30% of the time.
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