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  1. Also still having this problem... LG G4 H815 EUR, Android 5.1. Just a note, other apps (and audio players...) at handling perfectly fine this permission grant. This has to be fixed.
  2. I am experiencing the same issue. It's super boring. I could provide a sample file but not on the forum since I'd link to avoid any copyright infringement.
  3. Hi While on mobile networks, I am not able to check the "High resolution artworks" when I try to update a track's artwork using online resources. Here is a screenshot that shows in which activity I'm experiencing this bug : The device is a European LG G4 (H815), running a stock Android 5.1 (latest update), but I've experienced this bug on previous devices. I'm using Poweramp 2.0.10-build-581-play. Thanks in advance ! Quentin
  4. I have the exact same problem, with the exact same phone and the exact same software. Plus I gave my SD card's partition (exFAT formatted) a label. This bug (along with the FLAC playback issues I reported using the Google Form) is quite annoying to be honnest.
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