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  1. Sorry if i wasn't clear enough with my description. I know they don't thats why I started this topic. I think they shouldn't have separate images for each track in the cue file, but they should all use the image that is saved in the underlying mp3 file, which they don't.
  2. Hello, I don't know if this is a bug, maybe just unexpected behaviour but: when a cue file is being played Poweramp shows the cover art of any image that is located in the folder of the file and not the one saved in the mp3's tag. If there is no image present Poweramp doesn't depict any cover art although the mp3 file that is used in the cue file has an image in its mp3 tag. And the cue folder in the library isn't showing any image at all. I think the best behaviour also for library and for playback would be to use the cover art of the playing mp3 and if there is no cover art in the tag
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