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  1. I found this forum post because I'm having the same problem. The statements in that FAQ link no longer seem to hold true, at least for a large number of Poweramp users (see the reviews of Poweramp on Google Play, many mention the same problem, some dating back a year or more). It appears that Poweramp does validation checks without any limit now, at least for some. Personally I've been using Poweramp for four months, and have had the app disable itself four times already because it couldn't connect to the internet and validate the license. After each occasion I re-validated it. These re-validations did not follow any reinstallation/reset/ROM change, in all four cases I had been happily using it in my car for a couple weeks prior with zero change to anything, as the phone lives in my car as a dedicated stereo with all wireless turned off so nothing could have possibly been updated or changed. There is definitely something wrong with Poweramp's validation scheme, I don't know why the devs don't even acknowledge the problem after the complaints they've gotten over the past year and default to the explanation that it's some kind of user error. I suspect they just have no interest or lost the ability to update the app. I half expect this post to get erased.
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