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  1. I've surely updated the ROM to cyanogen os 12.1 ota, but i had no idea there were problem related or things like that D: may you explain or link these kind of patch?
  2. I listened to the first suggestion that u gave me and buyed the app, hoping to find a solution.it says root works fine, so i decided to reinstall both super su and es explorer, enabling the root explorer again AND giving the permission again. No response. Only way to make it work is using recovery mode and probably adb :/ The problem is it worked before, so that's what's buggin me.
  3. I'm sorry, I was in the middle of an exam and didn't notice the reply lol today I'll try this, I'll let you know ASAP
  4. Actually, I've tried everything you said. There's no SD card on the OnePlus One,btw, only cellphone memory. I tried rebooting, closing the app, closing Poweramp and so on, and, being the music folder only used by Poweramp, I guess it's the player itself that is holding everything. I remember I was able to delete a song previously only from recovery, that is a little to much. Any advise? I was thinking about unistalling the player, hoping that by reinstalling it it would lose the dictatorial attitude toward my files LoL
  5. Hello everybody I'm using Poweramp from about one year, and I really like the player, I think that's the best mp3 player on the store, but I have a problem involving the managing of the music folder. I own a Oneplus One, rooted and with the official Cyanogen OS 12.1. I've setted the default "Music" folder in "sdcard" root as the primary folder for the music on the phone, and I use to make sure every file is in the right folder and so on. I've found out lately that it's really problematic to move files that are ALREADY synched with the player. For example, I would like to relocate an mp3 file from "Music/Causalartistname/CasualArtistAlbum" to simply "Music/CasualArtistName" and I'm unable to do so, even if I use ES explorer with root rights. I find it really hard to manage in this way my MP3 files. Is there any reason why Music folder seems like it's untouchable?
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