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  1. would love to have the swipe feature to go forth and back in a song as it is implemented for video files in the MX Video Player. This would compete with the previous/next file feature implemented in the current version. For myself, I don't need both previous/next file and previous/next folder (swiping up/down), so I would prefer: swiping left/right -> navigate seekbar, swiping up/down -> next file. Another option would be volume up/down on swiping up/down... Of course, everyone wants to have it differently so why not making it customizable in the settings? One entry for swiping left/righ
  2. Great idea, totally agree with kushty! I've read a few threads here about a resume feature, especially for podcasts etc. People say, that it does not make sense for music to resume but rather start at the beginning. So the manual tagging or even better auto-tagging using file length would solve that and would be a great benefit to all the users that want to use Poweramp for podcasts! Please implement, would be great!
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