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  1. Mark Levin at 2x the speed = 2x the hilarity!
  2. A pitch control plugin would be cool...pretty much all mp3 players play back pitch & speed too high by default.
  3. Hi, the list options that are in Poweramp are good, but what would make them better is to allow sorting of individual folders the way you want them. Most of my folders are proper albums, but I do have a few that are just compilations of songs. The album folders I'm fine with being sorted by track#, but I like to sort the compilation folders by title. As it currently stands, you're locked into using one sort method for all folders. My request for this is, along with that default sort order, to add independent list options controls to individual folders. That could be added to the list of options you currently get when you long press on a folder.
  4. Add my vote to this list...don't need the "rainbow outline" around album covers, would like an option to turn it off.
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