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  1. Yes it was a clone of a smaller sd card. Im not sure why it didnt work. I guess I will have to re-rate my library. Thanks for the response. Ive only been waiting a yearn on I guess I cant complain + this is the best player in the world. ☺
  2. even tried putting back in the old SD card and theyre still gone. My playlists are intact but all my rated songs are all reset Again! where is the database kept and why does it keep resetting when I insert the same exact data on a new sd card?
  3. Sorry to hear you are having the same problem. I totally agree, disabling DVC should not be the final and only solution to this problem. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE SOME SUPOORT HERE I have been patient and paid for the full version. Comone Poweramp Support chime in here.
  4. On a side note does anyone know how to reset songs star ratings? Not the whole library but a few select songs accidentally rated so they always show up on my "top rated" list. My audio still skips on bluetooth headphones, bluetooth home receiver and (rcas) hardwired to my car.
  5. I get the same skipping from internal memory. Sorry when I say skipping i mean its cuts out basicslly for a fraction of a second. I have thr same memorybas i had on my previous phone with no issues 64gb pny class 10. Thank you
  6. I just upgraded to the LG v10 on the audio skips all the time it didn't skip on my old phone and it's the same version of power amp. the buffer is at 750ms and the thread priority is highest. Poweramp Version 2.0.10 build 581. Android version 5.1.1
  7. Yes please i have to manually regain alot.of mp3s from different sources and its very tedious. The RG function does not.help me because it boosts my allready loud songs too loud. Thx
  8. The add to playlist option is greyed out. Im not sure how im supposed to add to playlist when the option is always greyed out.
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