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  1. Thanks Andre, have posted on the xda forum (no luck so far). I understand the analogy your using, however, if I had worked hard to create and develop an app (or even took time to moderate that app) and someone came along and took revenue from my creativity (or time) (which seemingly these ads are) I dont believe I would be quite so relaxed To extend your analogy, theyve just put a bill board in Poweramps garden Thanks for your reply
  2. I I agree, the question is, do Ford Motor Company, Nectar (the shopping reward company used by Sainsburys) and Android themselves advertise via malware? Or is it Android itself? As a start could some one give some pointers on how to get rid of this 'malware', bearing in mind I would rather not initialise/wipe my Phone
  3. Sorry to say, but it does now! Ive been using Poweramp for over 5 years and until recently you have been correct, but now it and other apps (BBC news, Facebook, Ebay) display ads as described above, There is a problem with Android, please read my previous decription, they are not the usual flashing cheapo ads you get with free apps, they consist of good quality full screen still pictures.
  4. Recently Ive been getting ads (for Ford Motor Company and Android) on my phone, as well as Poweramp its been happening on eBay and Facebook. The Ad's are seemingly quite hi quality comprising a 'still' full screen picture (of a car in the case of the Ford one) which can be dismissed via a cross at the right top of the picture. Although easily dismissed they are a nuisance I'm wondering if these are some how official ads from Android as they advertise Android /google products as well as Ford or are they some sort of virus etc. Is it possible to get rid of them? if so could you tell me h
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