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  1. Fine as soon as Poweramp 3.0 would be able to read Mediamonkey ranking! For a long time promised for one of the next updates, i hope 3.0 will include the solution, like Playerpro already demonstrates. FAdam
  2. Thank you, but so far sync with MMA generates only M3U. FA
  3. No i changed the Mediamonkey.ini beyond this point: [FilenameMappings] 3A=2D 2A=2D 3F= 3E=2D 3C=2D 21=27 22=27 26=2D 7C=2D 2F=2D 5C=2D 0D0A= 19= C2A1=33 C380=41 C381=41 etc. So i can Remap Characters while Auto-Organize is running, thank you FA
  4. If a titel in any m3u file includes a character which is no ASCII (example ä, ü etc), this particular song will not appear in Poweramp imported Playlists! As soon as i change such a character from ü to ue etc. the song will properly be imported. When i open a m3u file i can see the affected songs with "wrong" characters which are not imported, after changing the song in MM and exporting the m3u again, the song appears after a rescan correctly in the playlist. I don't want to change all affected songs, what can i do? Sorry for my english FA
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