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  1. It has been driving me crazy trying to find out how to display the current playlist order after I shuffle a playlist. Funny thing is I sometimes get to it from the widget but I'm not even sure how.
  2. Hi- I just got a Oneplus 6T with Android 9 pie. I am running PA version 3 could 804 full version. Is there anyway to get widget/controls on the lock screen? Thanks
  3. So no way to add or delete from they playlist. Bummer. Thank you
  4. I have some m3u playlists that I use in Poweramp (full version). I can add tracks to them from within Poweramp and it reflects on the track number in the playlist menu. The problem is that the added tracks are gone after a reboot of my device. This very frustrating. Is there a way to add tracks to these playlists that is persistent? Thanks
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