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  1. I listen to Poweramp in shuffle all mode from the widget, and in the widget the [track number]/[total track number] keeps resetting to 1/[total track number] after I delete a song from my music library on my phone. I'm using alpha build 703
  2. I didn't exit the app, merely paused the playback by removing my headphones from the audio jack.
  3. Yes I mean in shuffled playback. I am not sure exactly when it happens, but I found out about it when a specific track was played twice in a short span of time. Then I checked the widget and realized the track counter reset back to 1. I was not even close to playing my whole library once through.
  4. I never had this issue before, but now Poweramp randomly decides to reset the [track number] / [total number of tracks] displayed in the widget, resulting in some songs being played twice before all songs are played once.
  5. But if the track number jumps forward, the problem is that a few tracks don't get played and Poweramp will still stop after reaching the last-numbered song.
  6. Hmm, it's not meaningless, it determines whether I listen to every track once before repeating the list.
  7. Yes you are right the song plays fine, but display number jumps. I am not 100% sure if the track numbers do skip, I was suspecting something like this for a while because after each time I listen to my library one time over there always pops up a song which I added quite a while ago but haven't heard before in Poweramp. So I tried starting over the shuffle playlist and manually skipped songs to see if the track number jumps and true enough it happened. It's like I started on track number 1. Then I paused playback and started again and the same track became track number 8. So I'm suspecting this happens as I'm listening to songs. Also maybe when I added a new track to my library the track number could skip again.
  8. Seems like it happens for any file. The song still plays fine just that the track number jumps.
  9. For me when using the 4x1 widget, sometimes when I skip to the next song or play the previous track the track number jumps by more than one. I've been experiencing these track number skips recently, and I suspect it is causing me not to listen to every song in my library once before playing again the tracks in my library. Please help this Poweramp app is the closest thing to perfection already.
  10. When playing music through Poweramp after I paused playback for a few minutes the track that I paused at changes track number. For example I was at track number 1/832 songs. After a few minutes at the same song it became track number 3/832 songs. I have noticed that the track number increases at a faster than expected pace while playing music so could this be the reason? Anyone experiencing track number skips too?
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