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  1. I had two galaxy players that used PA successfully for years, then all of a sudden it would not register no matter what I did. Complete uninstall, system reset, all sorts of things, no luck. I ended up recycling them. There is a serious flaw in the registration process. I even tried a beta build.
  2. I have this problem constantly. I have several devices that are properly licensed, I use it for months at a time, then not for a while. I have a couple of old Galaxy players that run android 2 versions. Right now I have two devices that won't play, even though I've used it for years, all of a sudden it trys to validate again? The unlocker is fully installed, what more does it need? My experience has been much the same as others, when flying, in the middle of a flight in airplane mode, boom, no more music. I have a Samsung galaxy player 5.0 that I have used all summer at least once a week, used as recently as yesterday, today will not validate no matter what. There is something amiss that is causing many people grief, and needs fixing pronto! None of my players will function now, just my phone, but it had limited memory. Not a happy customer!!
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