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  1. I had two galaxy players that used PA successfully for years, then all of a sudden it would not register no matter what I did. Complete uninstall, system reset, all sorts of things, no luck. I ended up recycling them. There is a serious flaw in the registration process. I even tried a beta build.
  2. I'd like to be able to set different genres to be "equivalent". In my library, because of the music information databases, some are genre R&B, and some are Soul and R&B. Rather than amending the library, I'd like to be able to set them to be equivalent in the player, so if I random play R&B it includes both. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I would like to have more advanced options for shuffling music. For example: Genre+artist: Select a genre and shuffle all the music by artist (random select an artist with music in the genre, then play all the music by the same genre+artist, then random next artist... and so on) Genre+album: Select a genre and shuffle all the music by album (random select an album in the genre, then play all the tracks in order in that album, then random next album and so on) All Songs Random+Album: select an album, and play all the tracks in that album in order, then random select another album. Artist+Album: select an artist for shuffle, and play all the tracks from each album by that artist, play all the tracks in the album in order, then the next album by that artist and so on Thanks.
  4. I've had the exact same thing happen, purchased in 2012, has happened to me two times on different flights, out of the blue, no license, no music. I have a few Android devices that run PA, no problem, I have two that won't validate the license no matter what I do, have cleared data/cache, uninstalled, rebooted, installed fresh unlocker and trial, started from the unlocker, says "thanks for purchasing" or similar, then BOOM license failure.
  5. I have this problem constantly. I have several devices that are properly licensed, I use it for months at a time, then not for a while. I have a couple of old Galaxy players that run android 2 versions. Right now I have two devices that won't play, even though I've used it for years, all of a sudden it trys to validate again? The unlocker is fully installed, what more does it need? My experience has been much the same as others, when flying, in the middle of a flight in airplane mode, boom, no more music. I have a Samsung galaxy player 5.0 that I have used all summer at least once a week, used as recently as yesterday, today will not validate no matter what. There is something amiss that is causing many people grief, and needs fixing pronto! None of my players will function now, just my phone, but it had limited memory. Not a happy customer!!
  6. Hi there, I have several Android devices with Poweramp installed. All Samsung with external SD cards. I recently added a lot of music, so started to resynch all my devices. Started with one blank re-formatted 64GB memory card, syched the Genres that would fit using Windows Media Player. Using that card as a base, I reformatted the other cards, and copied the music folder to them all, all devices then did a full-rescan after installing the card. One device, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2(Android 2.3.6) shows a different number of songs in each genre than the others, which seem consistent. (one genre is off by over 1000 songs!). Hard to know which one is correct as WMP reports in "hours" not "songs", although every device but this one shows the same number. I checked the music folder on this device, it has the exact same number of folders and files as the others. I deleted the application data from Application Manager, and it still reports the incorrect number. Unsure what the next step should be? Thanks.
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