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  1. If I may add some feedback to Shuffle feature - not sure how it is coded internally, but it 'feels' like shuffle is not entirely random. I've shuffled all songs and open Poweramp when driving or gym to continue playing the previous session. I have noticed that I hear same songs often, whereas other songs never. Maybe shuffle pattern is based on some constant factor after all, making all shuffled playlists end up very similar?
  2. Regarding cries for material design facelift, I disagree. Poweramp is pleasant to my eye as it is. Maybe add some 'materialised' skin for those few people, but first focus on functionalities that will let us 'play more and better music'.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to set up Poweramp to play songs at 50-75% volume when connected to car Bluetooth audio system whilst other phone audio remains at 100% volume. The reason for this is, when I run Poweramp and SatNav program on phone together, I can barely hear SatNav voice instructions, if I set car speaker volume for comfortable music listening from Poweramp. If you implement this function, it would be important to be able to choose which connected Bluetooth device gets quieter songs, for people who listen to music on different Bluetooth devices. I other words: I want to be able assign differ
  4. Hi, At the moment Poweramp displays only the first graphic it encounters embedded in mp3 file or added in folder. It would be cool if you added a feature that makes a slideshow of all the graphics embeded in files and/or folders. If it's not possible to slideshow pictures, can you at lease randomize which graphic is shown? Thanks in advance.
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