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    .lrc lyrics support requested

    +1 support
  2. gangzhou01

    Lyrics - small and big improvements/additions

    Hi man, for legal issue, i think it can be avoid if the end user choose where to download the lyrics. Also i think this is an important improvement over the existing lyrics plugin. Because the plugin has a default url to download lyrics, the users in other countries for example China, Japan or somewhere else, can not search and download lyrics for their own languages. That's why i saw many users requested better lyrics support in this forum before. Could you please consider this a little bit? Thanks very much!
  3. lyrics support, please. there're huge numbers of chinese users expecting online search lyrics while playing music. Currently with plugin, it can only search Englist lyrics. So sad for chinese users.
  4. gangzhou01

    Sync lyrics that support Chinese pop songs too

    +1 really need this feature
  5. gangzhou01

    The name of lyric tag is?

    i got the same problem, and wish to have a solution
  6. gangzhou01

    .lrc support

    Hi there, I bought Poweramp recently and found it really amazing. but there's only one thing that can improve, that's the lyrics(.lrc) support. Poweramp it self can support embedded id3 lyrics, but it doesn't support lyrics in lrc format. Usually, when enjoying music, i wish to download the lyrics and display it to learn the song. this can be easily done in computer. but not for android phones. there are many apps in China like ttpod, that do such job. but i really love Poweramp. I think it will be greater if Poweramp has such feature. Will you guys think about this? Thanks!