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  1. I'm waiting for an e-mail reply from their tech support. I'm also trying to unlock w/ the msn account I provided during purchase directly on their Web site (I also do not have a Gmail account, though I do have a general Google account). So far, no luck, which is a shame since this is a really good app.
  2. I purchased Poweramp today directly on the Poweramp Web site. I also installed from there, after uninstalling the trial version that I'd gotten from Google Play. When I try to enter my e-mail address (an msn account) and my order ID # within the app, it tells me that no such Google account or e-mail address is registered on my device. I don't have an actual Gmail account, just a general Google account. Is that the issue? Is there anyway around that?? Should I repurchase it directly in Google App, or would I still encounter the same problem? Thanks in advance!
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