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  1. After performing a scan folders are removed to the root eg:- <C:>\Music\80s\<fname> becomes \<fname> The folder is removed from its parent, so when you search for music the list is endless, instead of going to the 80s folder it is in the apparent Poweramp root. (this is not happening on Lenovo tablet!!) Android 6.0, vanilla Poweramp 2.0.10 build 588. Regards Damian
  2. After multiple attempts finally Poweramp recognised the folder ander re-scanned. .... The way of adding files is very hit and miss, it has taken more than an hour to get a folder recognised..... Time to change this app......Shame I paid for it though
  3. It is extremely frustrating. I have added a folder of music to my music store on my micro sd card. After multiple scans Poweramp (paid version) will not find them. I can play ONE file at a time through file manager but this is not acceptable. Does anyone have any means of adding the folder into the scan list, The card is a premium brand and is 100% ok. Tablet is Lenovo Dual Core Android 4.2.2. Any help greatfully received