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  1. Some confusion may lie in the fact that you must have the trial version installed. I could not see the icons shown above. The typically downloaded version does not match the icons displayed above. Install the trial version and become a tester, then use the above suggested settings. My Motorola Droid Turbo2 now displays the album art to my 2016 Toyota 4Runner.
  2. I have had to resort to uninstalling Poweramp (along with the plus license unlocker) and using Amazon as my android mp3 player, along with google navigator. There are too many entities involved with the interaction of apps that results in no audio driving instructions. I have a droid Turbo (Motorola) with lollipop (Android O/S), using Poweramp up until lollipop broke it. I will monitor this thread and when this is fixed so I can once again use my license, and get directions, I will return. I ride a motorcycle with Bluetooth music and need reliable audio hands free guidance from time to time. Good luck progressing with a fix!
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