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  1. Andre Many kind thanks for the information and e mail address. Regards Expat
  2. I purchased power amp some time ago through my Google account (please check the e mail associated with this account). I am posting here because i could not find on the web site a contact e mail address. I am currently traveling and have been in Ecuador for the past year. Last month i had my tablet and phone stolen. I have since replaced both. My tablet is rooted and running slim kat 4.4.4 ...not the stock rom and without Google apps. Since i use the tablet for secure e mail for my business i am not going to install the Google framework nor play store. I would like power amp on the tablet ..it is already on the phone. How can i make this happen? I would not have posted this here had i been able to find another way to contact the company directly. The app is awesome and why i am going to this trouble.... Regards Expat
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