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  1. Actually, I did install new ROMs twice recently. First one was maybe ten days ago and another one 2-3 days ago. But those were official Sony OTA updates. Phone is not rooted and I didn't mess around with any settings that shouldn't be messed with, everything is by the book.
  2. I also have the problem with the license. I purchased via Google Play Store. Poweramp suddenly just stops working and says that I have no valid license or something like that. When I click on verify license, I get the ERROR_CONTACTING_STORE or something like that. I have internet connection and Store and all other apps work fine. In the last 3 months at happened twice I think, and now 3 times in the last week. Two times I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling Poweramp unlocker, third times it fixed itself after about 20 minutes. But I don't want to have to reinstall unlocker everytime
  3. There are three very big problems wih Poweramp that make me search for an alternative. 1. Next song I open my playlist, select a song and play it. I listen to a few songs, then comes the song I don't like. I move forward a few songs until I find the song I like. It says the next song is AAA, and I don't like it, so i change the shuffle a few times, until I find the next song I like. However, when the current song ends, the next song is totally random, and not the one I chose as next song. And it happens almost everytime when I change songs with shuffle. Why does it happen, why don't you fix
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