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  1. Actually, I did install new ROMs twice recently. First one was maybe ten days ago and another one 2-3 days ago. But those were official Sony OTA updates. Phone is not rooted and I didn't mess around with any settings that shouldn't be messed with, everything is by the book.
  2. I also have the problem with the license. I purchased via Google Play Store. Poweramp suddenly just stops working and says that I have no valid license or something like that. When I click on verify license, I get the ERROR_CONTACTING_STORE or something like that. I have internet connection and Store and all other apps work fine. In the last 3 months at happened twice I think, and now 3 times in the last week. Two times I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling Poweramp unlocker, third times it fixed itself after about 20 minutes. But I don't want to have to reinstall unlocker everytime it happens. I paid for the app and I want to have it always, even if I'm offline, without it stopping in the middle of the song and forcing me to reinstall it.
  3. There are three very big problems wih Poweramp that make me search for an alternative. 1. Next song I open my playlist, select a song and play it. I listen to a few songs, then comes the song I don't like. I move forward a few songs until I find the song I like. It says the next song is AAA, and I don't like it, so i change the shuffle a few times, until I find the next song I like. However, when the current song ends, the next song is totally random, and not the one I chose as next song. And it happens almost everytime when I change songs with shuffle. Why does it happen, why don't you fix it? If it says the next song is AAA then play AAA. 2. Shuffle some stuff, some other stuff in order WTF is with this options? If I am in the playlist, I want to shuffle that playlist. If I choose an artist, I want to shuffle that artist. Why the hell is there a million shuffle options? At least give a choice in settings to select if we want all these complicated shuffles or just a simple shuffle to shuffle only where I am currently. I have been using Poweramp for more then a month and still have no idea what is the difference between shuffles (and I don't care honestly, I want just one simple shuffle) 3. Most played Song gets a +1 even if just scroll through it. So I go through ten songs until I find one that I want to listen, and all ten songs are marked as if I listened to them. Make a song marked as listened only if I listened 90% of it, or something like that
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