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  1. I guess that makes sense, thanks. Maybe one of the other music apps I installed touched some of the files and put them out of order on me. It won't be difficult to pull them all off and resync them.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Just to clear up the confusion, sorting by Date Added is working as expected, sorting by Year not so much. I'd expect this to sort by Year as specified by the ID3 tag, then sort by track number or something. The issue here is that it seems to be sorting by Date Added when I've selected Year as the sorting method. I semi-confirmed this by removing this artist from my phone and copying it back, one file at a time in the correct order. They're still showing up the same way in both Year and Date Added but now they're listed in the right order. Does that all make sense? Anothe
  3. I like to listen to music by putting all of a band's albums on in release order. The way I'd expect to do this is Artists > choose one > All Artist Songs, sorted by Year. (sorting by Album puts them in alphabetical order) This was working until yesterday but all of a sudden my songs are out of order. It puts a couple of songs from the beginning of the album at the end. I've attached a couple of screenshots demonstrating. The only change I've made that could possibly have had an impact is installing a few other music players. I'm trying out a new launcher, new Twitter app etc. and th
  4. Thanks for the help guys, it's a shame there's not a way to do it without clearing out the artist field but it'll do
  5. I've exported the playlist as m3u and removed the folder from the media scanner but my playlist now sees 0 songs. Add the folder back in and the playlists show all the songs correctly. Am I doing it wrong somehow? To be clear, my end goal is to see these songs in library view under Playlists but not under Albums, Artists etc. Does that make sense?
  6. No, I do want to listen to it too which is the problem. I'd hoped I could just exclude those folders from the scanner after adding them to the playlist but it seems like it removes them from there if it can't see the files, whether they're there or not.
  7. I have a ton of songs by different artists in one folder on my SD card and all in a folder-based playlist but they're seriously clogging up my Artists list. If I remove this folder from the folder scan it removes them from my Artist list but also clears out my playlist. I Don't need to see these songs anywhere other than in my playlist. Is there anything I can do about this?
  8. I've got a Note 4 (N910G) running Dr Ketan's ROM (based on Android 5.0.1) and Poweramp is giving me real trouble. It freezes or crashes just about every time I tap an artist/album in my library. Feels like it happens more often on newer versions but I could just be imagining that. 2.0.9 Build 564 works without crashing but has some other issues that I need to either upgrade or find a new music player to fix. 2.0.10 Build 569 (the closest new version I could find) crashes constantly. I've tried just about everything I can think of including moving my music to my internal storage (it's curre
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