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  1. Whenever I add multiple albums to a playlist, and then sort by album, the tracks end up sorted by alphabetical order and not track number, I would love a fix for this.
  2. I know it's a petty complaint but I use poweramps date added sort feature all the time to listen to music. In previous builds when sorting by date added, all tracks added on the same date were sorter by artist, but since the 830 update they are sorted alphabetically by track title. I would much prefer if it was by artist or even album name. Is that something I could change myself? Thanks for the incredible app tho, been using it for years and recommend it to everybody.
  3. Simple enough request, would love to see smart playlist creation like in iTunes, automatically generated playlists based on certain criteria, in my case track length, so I can have a playlist of all my mixes (+25 minute length files) even a way to sort files by length would be cool!
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