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  1. Whenever I add new music to my device, it's automatically placed at the bottom of whatever playlist I've added to. In the playlist, if I choose to sort it by album, it sorts correctly - however, next time I open the app, it has reverted and everything is on the bottom again. Is there a way to make the sort stick between opens?
  2. Awesome! Thanks, that's worked perfectly. Is there any option for my second question, he playlist arrows? I'm still constantly fat-fingering to new playlists. :-(
  3. I'm glad I finally stumbled across this app, it's fantastic! I was having trouble finding something that fit my tablet's size, but this works perfectly. - The arrow buttons that change playlists, are there any ways to disable/remove them? I don't change playlists often, and I've already found myself hitting them on accident to change tracks... quite a bit. :-( - When another app overrides the sound, Poweramp just closes and disappears from the notification tray. Other music players stop playing, but remain in the tray so I can hit play again. Is there a way to do this I'm not seeing? Thanks in advance for the help!
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