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  1. Well I didn't get anywhere troubleshooting this, and due to all the helpful replies and suggestions, I got so overwhelmed and tried a few other players - Spotify, Google Music, and MP3 Players - Folder Player, and one other I forget - all of which resume perfectly. In fact I have now stuck with Folder Player as a Poweramp replacement as it just works, perfectly.
  2. So I checked the file on the radio this morning before starting PA and it showed the correct track (last listened to), but the position is 0 - this proves it is not updating when shutting down. When does this file get updated with the resume positon? When PA loses focus, when the service shuts down, etc? I see it updates with the track id when it plays the next track.
  3. Ah I found it in the playerservice.xml with playingPos taking a value in seconds. Will check to see if this gets updated after a shutdown
  4. I did wonder that, but when the ignition is turned off it does display "Shutting down", so I can only assume it does. Other people with the same unit don't seem to have this issue. To help me concentrate my efforts troubleshooting in the right place how can I check the last saved resume position - will it be in a sqlite db?
  5. I am using +PA (latest build) on an Android car radio - it functions well, however it does not resume playing where the track was when it was turned off - it plays from the beginning of that track. Annoying if I am listening to a long DJ mix or audio book, less of a pain if a normal album. I have tried a couple of different methods to have PA auto start using various utilities and by checking the log cat I can see they are calling the intent with 'cmd 3' which I understand is resume playing. If I don't use any utility to auto-start PA after a cold boot if I then load PA it starts playing
  6. Update - I sent off the bug report but never got a reply back I figured the issue out - corrupt mp3 files. In the log there were metadata issues just before erroring out - so I simply deleted those and now no more random fast forwards
  7. I am having a problem with Poweramp on my Android car radio. It will be playing a long track or album just fine, when all of a sudden the sound goes silent - I switch to Poweramp (if it is not in the foreground, but this makes no difference), and I find that it is fast forwarding the track. To stop it fast forwarding I have to press the play button to pause, then again to resume playing. I can't figure out what is causing Poweramp to start skipping like this and it is starting to get a little frustrating. I have uploaded the logcat from when it happened: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0
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