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  1. i would love to have a miniplayer on the bottom of the app, so that when you are browsing through your music, you can play/pause/skip the song an read the title/artist/album. the miniplayer could be placed instead of the folders/library bar (which I even don't use). in my opinion the folders/library ooption could be moved to the 3-dot-menu. it would be so great to have such a minplayer.
  2. I would love This, I also thought of this before. Would be just like in the ios player.
  3. There is a skin pack for material design, just search for it in Google Play https://photos-1.dropbox.com/t/2/AACRlJcMBUfQ3HSAnKS2mUWcJ2qZ_3eCNtM8yXawviMt1w/12/201250703/jpeg/32x32/1/_/1/2/LX.jpg/ELSznpgBGJpUIAEgAigB/M6UTHZH94QPY0WisjP-hwSNjLXoTlbssjNzJrK--7y0?size=1024x768&size_mode=2
  4. Good Idea, but i think the best Solution would be, that the cover stays and just darkens or blures so and the album / artist / title displays above it.
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