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  1. Same problem here. Please fix because Shuffle is one of the best parts.
  2. BTR


    Thank you. Is there a way to program them that makes the songs sound best like, maybe a way that Profesionals would do it? Or is it just preference?
  3. BTR


    How exactly does Equ work? It goes from 31 to 16k and I don't even know what that means. There's a "Preamp" and I don't know what to do with that other then to just use it like an extra Volume slider. How am I supposed to program these sliders? Thanks! P. S. I don't think I posted this question before, but I'm sorry if I did.
  4. Yes, that's what I meant. Sorry about that. I've had it so long I forgot which one it was.
  5. I have the Poweramp V3 Alpha on my phone. When I say "OK Google play a song" it asks for me to set a default music player and i look for Poweramp but it isn't on the list of players. I was wondering if it's not on the list because it's the beta version or if I'm doing something wrong. Thank you.
  6. I must be in another world. I can't believe I missed that. Thanks.
  7. Does the Poweramp v3 beta have an alarm clock system in it? Something that starts the music at a set time and something stops the music at a set time? I can't find it if it does. Thanks.
  8. Does Poweramp only have 1 person working on it?
  9. In Android Auto Poweramp doesn't show up as a music player choice but I was wondering if you can get it to show up some how?
  10. For some power amp keeps sort of stuttering over Bluetooth. It doesn't skip, just stutters. What do I do?
  11. Is there any way that I can tell the length of a folder or playlist?
  12. For a a skin I wanna use it says skin update required. How do I get that?
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