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  1. I'm 99% sure this is a Android issue, even though 4.3 was certified by the Bluetooth group. I've had (Alpine radio) and heard about the same issue with just about all BT devices since 4.x came out. (I'm currently using a "plain Jane" Note 3 w/4.3, but my bionic did the same thing after I went to 4.x)) I think the car radio makers assume you'll have a eyefone, so only test with that. To me, it's really a pain, as I listen to Audio books with Poweramp, and some of their tracks are an 1hour plus!!! I've ask that some kind of delay be added to Poweramp before it "listens" to BT commands, but as always, all I get are deaf ears. (Connect to BT, Wait 2 seconds (user adjustable) while receiving BT (FF/REV only?) and confirming commands but doing nothing with them, dump all received BT commands, start paying attention to BT commands, QED)
  2. A long time ago, I ask for a feature to ignore BT commands for the first few seconds after connection. I received no responces to this request.
  3. See this website for a fix:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1128009
  4. See this site for Non-English characters:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1128009
  5. So lets remove a feature that some people can use, because others can't? Or tell them not to do it because you can't????
  6. You could do this when Poweramp came out, but they removed the feature. Not sure why.
  7. This is not an Android issue. When Poweramp first came out, I was doing it all the time, but for some reason, the Poweramp people decided to remove it. (I think they said something about people finding it hard to find their file)
  8. They had it foir a time, but then for some reason, removed it. They never said why, they just disabled it. I guess too many people had issues with a "real" directory requestor.
  9. This used to work just fine, but for some reason they broke the library directory requester. All they really need to do is put the old requester back. Never figure out why why they released the broken one to start with.
  10. How are you getting Poweramp to "see" the share "directory"???</p>
  11. I've used DLNA devices, and none work well as music players. Just give us back an option to show all directories, please.
  12. Sure it's an option. At one point Poweramp had a full directory requestor, and I did this all the time. Then they changed it to filter most directories for people that don't understand computers. I just wish they add the options back to remove the stinking filter!
  13. Why should it stop. Shouldn't it rebuild a new list, and go right on playing?
  14. I just noticed that his new directory requester limits what you can select. He knows about this, and plans to fix it. You can still get around it, but you'll need to be careful where you put your "mount Point" for now. Your mount point needs to look like a SDcard location for now. I'm OK, as I never changed my path. (you just can't select it for now)
  15. You can do it know if your device has CIFS (SAMBA) support. Get a CIFS program and mount the directory, then point Poweramp at it. I do this with my tablet at home.
  16. I "think" play list go thru the ID3 tag, not path. (no even 75% sure of that, though.
  17. Most TV's I've owned have speakers. And the screen is much easier to read, than most phones.
  18. +1, it needs something VERY bad!!! But then I plan on getting one of the "new" Google TVs, if they ever start shipping them!
  19. I'd like to see an option for a slight delay when you get a Bluetooth re-connect. The Bluetooth in my car radio has always been wacky (with all phones) and I like to add a short delay (.5 to 1 second) after the Bluetooth is reestablished to let the radio behave better.
  20. I agree, I can't hear my music very well with the small fonts! Just kidding. Yes, it would be nice to have larger buttons and larger text for car mode.
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