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  1. Prior to updating to the new UI, I use to be able to shuffle all songs contained within a certain folder (even if that one folder contained even more folders) by long pressing that folder and pressing the shuffle button. It worked like a drill-down shuffle and would shuffle anything within any of those folders so long as it was originally housed within the main folder I long pressed on. (Hope I'm explaining myself ok) This was great for me because I would create many folders within folders allowing me to set each folder as a different genre or mood to play. This no longer seems
  2. First off, I've used Poweramp since its inception and absolutely would be lost without it!! Having said that I've spent more than my fair share looking over it's features and have enjoyed the many updates throughout the years. I consider myself an expert poweramper and utilize most features. I also use to dj and have thousands upon thousands of vinyl records that I have ripped to FLAC so my perception & feedback in this post is through the eyes and experience of a dj music fanatic and my ability to be as powerful as possible when I'm entertaining. Although I use all tags FLAC will all
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