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  1. Hi, I am having an annoying problem with the UI on the android app, and I am sure I am missing something here. It turns out that I have a bunch of albums that require manual setting of the cover. Naively, I would have expected something like Album View -> long press on album -> set the cover. Instead the only way I found to set the cover is Album View -> click on album and display track list -> click on track and start playing it -> from the player screen long press on wrong/default cover and select another one. Is there a better way to do this? Apart form the long sequenc
  2. Hi everybody, I am having problem in filtering my albums on the android app. It seems like the filter is only filtering on album title or artist, while I need to filter on the other fields as well (like composer): how do I specify the fields to be used in the filter? Thanks for your help! Andrea.
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