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  1. Hi Andre, Thanks for the info on Catlog. Well, I was all ready to start the process over & take screen captures for the developer, when strangely... the process worked this time. The only difference that I can think of was that I cold booted the device before the test. The results were not as expected though, so I will have to search other parts of the Poweramp Forums for a solution, if one exists. Thanks again for your help. Cheers. Julien
  2. Thanks. I'll get in touch with the developer with the e-mail address you provided. >>>A catlog of when you try to rescan might be useful if you can get one. I assume there's a function to do that. I'll check it out. Julien
  3. Hi Andre, Thanks for replying. Yes, that's correct. When I go to "Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders", I can tick the folder I need. However, when I do a Full Rescan, nothing shows up in the songs list. The device only allows me to copy files to and from attached USB storage or the SD card. I copied music to the SD card and tried, but no luck, same problem. Copying to the device's internal storage simply fails (since the device is not rooted). I tried something else. I used ES File Explorer, selected a song and clicked on it. It gave me the option to play it in Poweramp. I did that, and it worked. However, Poweramp couldn't find any other songs in the directory. Playing music through ES File Explorer seems to work only one song at a time. Like I mentioned in my original post, I can play music from that USB drive with other music apps. A few of them automatically find and catalog all the music. I suspect that this is a simple problem. Hope this helps. I would love to find a solution and then purchase the full app. Julien
  4. I downloaded the free version of this app on my Minix Neo X8H Plus Android TV box. It installed fine without any problems. Unfortunately, I can't play any of my music with it. My Minix box has an attached USB drive containing all my music. The app doesn't play anything from the attached disk. I tried to select the folders manually (no go) and even used the Auto-Find option (also no go). I keep getting the message "Folders are not available. Please make sure SD card is mounted, USB storage connection is turned off, and Music Folders are selected in Settings." Well, there is an SD card available, but it's empty, I didn't see any options for turning off the USB storage connection (Why would I need to do that since my music is on a USB disk?) and I did select Music Folders in settings. Strange that I can see my music folders, but can't play anything from them. I'm not sure what the deal is, since I can access & play music from other apps on my Minix box using the same source. it looks like a great app and lots of the reviews I've read are very positive, but if it can't play music from a USB drive attached to my Minix box, then it's completely of no use to me. Any suggestions?
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