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  1. Try to Delete a music file from within Poweramp, which should take you to the same Grant Access prompts and will hopefully sort out the write access for the SD card. You can cancel before the file is actually deleted, or if you want to complete the test just make sure you have another copy of the file somewhere else to replace it again. This was suggested to me in another thread and it worked.
  2. @andrewilley...it took me a bit to figure out exactly what you meant but I figured it out and it worked. Thank you for the info
  3. How do I grant permission to write to the tags. I try to edit the track info and I get the message, "File can't be edited-file is read-only or no permission to write." It says, "get support" at the bottom. When I choose this, it says, "No write access to the file. To enable access, please select SD card in the Grant Access dialog, then try again." At the bottom it says, "grant access". When I choose this nothing happens. I've done it before where I was able to edit the tags but now I forget.
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