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  1. Goal: To play songs contained in a playlist in random order indefinitely. In V2, to do this, I'd go to the playlist list, long-press on the playlist I wanted and then press the 'shuffle' icon. From that point on, Poweramp would shuffle-play songs from that playlist and only that playlist until I selected a different playlist or changed the shuffle mode. It was quick and efficient: 2 presses, long-press, press the icon, done. I could do it in my car with only minimal glances at the phone screen. In V3, instead of long-pressing on the playlist entry, I click the playlist and then click the 'shuffle' icon. Seems reasonably intuitive. Perhaps even more intuitive than V2's long-press method. Except that's not what happens. For reasons beyond my comprehension, the default shuffle mode seems to be "shuffle songs/categories" so that songs from other playlists eventually get played! If I wanted to listen to those other songs, I'd have picked a playlist that featured those songs! So once I'm back at the main screen I have to change the shuffle mode to 'shuffle songs'. Can someone explain to me the decision behind offering a 'shuffle' option in the playlist view if the player is going to, by default, play songs from other playlists anyway?? What am I missing? Near as I can tell, there is no mechanism to change the default shuffle mode so there had to have been a reason behind making 'shuffle songs/catgories' the default mode. What was it?
  2. After seeing a number of posts from people who are seeing this behavior, I decided to test for it on my phone. I rebooted my phone and immediately enabled airplane mode. I then attached some earphones, set Poweramp to shuffle play and set the phone aside. That was almost 6 hours ago. It's still playing music with no messages about missing licenses. For what it's worth, I'm running a Nexus 6P with stock 7.1.2. Poweramp 2.0.10-build 588-play (Full version)
  3. Hi. This has begun happening recently. I use a little Bluetooth 4.0 receiver for my wired headphones so that I don't risk snagging the cord on something. Until recently, the song navigation over Bluetooth has been the same as navigation with a one-button wired headset: one tap = play/pause, double-tap = next song, triple-tap = prev song. Recently, though, this behavior has changed for Bluetooth. One tap is still play/pause but a double-tap now tries to dial the most recent entry in my phone log. Near as I can tell, nothing has changed in Power Amp's settings: the Bluetooth setting is still configured for the one/two/three tap sequence. At this point, I'm not sure what has changed to affect the behavior nor how to undo it. I suppose it's possible that the Bluetooth receiver (Keedox BT 4.0) has a bug that's causing it to now send a different command sequence when a double-tap occurs? Any ideas? Galaxy S3 Android 4.4.2 (stock) Power Amp 2.0.10-build-580-play (Full Version)
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