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  1. Hello I have 2 questions- 1. Why is see the name of the artist and the name of the song in fade? how can i change it? 2. What is the top row? how i disable that? tnx
  2. Hello i'm looking for the option to play next song after the current. If i press on some song "queue"- the song start immidietly, and i want that the song will start after the current song is finished. tnx.
  3. Hello How can i disable what did I surround with red in the screenshot? It takes up half of the screen and it's really annoying. TNX
  4. Same problem. Lg g4. 2500 songs. Lagging even if the songs in device memory.
  5. I can't install 582 or even 584 for some reason. My phone just said "the application doesn't installed". Should i Uninstall the 586 first?
  6. I've installed 586 from the downloads tab, and still have this problem BTW, i still have the problem with the lag. Every button that i press (stop, pause, rewind, forward) - there is 20 seconds delay. Very disappointing.
  7. Yes, I'm doing exactly this steps- but it isn't working. The funny thing is that i reinstall the app because the lags that i have in lg g4 (look another post) - and this thing with the queue worked before the reinstall. Now it's not. And i still have a lags. Annoying. Where is the developer? He don't want to help?
  8. I'm searching the song, press him and choose "enqueue"
  9. hello after i press on a song "enqueue" - after he finish- Poweramp doesn't back to the main list. i set in the settings- folders and library->queue->auto advance from queue (return to previous list when queue is done playing)-> V but is still doesn't work please HELP tnx
  10. i have the official LG version. when i use another music players- there is no lags. it's Poweramp
  11. hi i have alot of lags since i installed android 6. for example- if i press PAUSE - it takes 20 seconds to stop the song. and when i press PLAY on NEXT SONG- same. please FIX it tnx.
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