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  1. I just tested a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Lollipop 5.0 and it works fails with the latest Poweramp. I think we should try to confirm that everyone affected has Android 5.1+. My Nexus 5 is running 5.1.1 of course. UPDATE: I was wrong. I forgot to come back here and update after 1 day later when I rechecked this. It appears to be broken on Android 5+.
  2. Yeah, I will have to guess that the issue occurred with Lollipop. Since other music apps with the same feature work fine, I hope this can be solved.
  3. I'm now uncertain. both of those fail to work. so now I have to wonder if my issue is lollipop related. I will repeat that Google music doesn't have this issue, so the functionality is still possible, but could this be an api issue? or is there a setting known to cause issues like mine?
  4. I just tested 571 and it appears broken. if there were versions back to about 565 I bet we would find a version that still worked. It is possible it could go back further. In the winter, I do not tend to travel too many places I need directions. We have long painful winters.
  5. bump. Do dev's respond to either these forum bug reports OR the Google apps forms? I've yet to hear anything and it has been a month.
  6. To be clear, audio can play out the phone speaker by tweaking these options, but NOT bluetooth. This is a bug.
  7. Yeah, I was able to get sound to play from the navigation app (via phone speaker) when these options are disabled. But when they are enabled, they are broken. Submitting a bug.
  8. Both of the options there were enabled. I will test disabling them, but that sounds like the opposite of what I need.
  9. A key feature of bluetooth audio is the ability for multiple apps to be able to output audio. Such as when you have your music player stream via bluetooth, and a navigation app (like Google Maps) speaking turn by turn directions. As some folks have laws requiring hands free usage in cars, this is a significant Bluetooth bug. In the recent past, about 2 months ago, this feature was broken by an upgrade to Poweramp I believe. The issue started when I had Android 4.4.4. I now have Android 5.1.1 and it persists. Now when I use both Poweramp and Google Maps Navigation, The music will go si
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