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  1. 1) Samsung Galaxy S8+ 2) Android 8.0 3) Qualcomm Aqstic™ WCD9341 audio codec combined with Snapdragon 835 supports an audiophile grade DAC with 32-bit/384kHz support with an SNR at 115dB and ultra-low -105dB THD+N and native DSD hi-fi audio playback.
  2. Poweramp Version: 2.0.10-build-580-play (Full Version) Phone: Verizon Galaxy S6, SM-G920V Android Version: 5.0.2 Stock ROM Poweramp has difficulty with a number of FLAC files on my phone, reporting their length to be (mostly) 0:01 with a few 0:02 and 0:05. These files play fine on my PC, and they play fine using the stock TouchWiz player on my phone. The app doesn't crash when playing the files, it just plays silence and advances to the next track after a few seconds. This happens on a number of songs from various albums, and only using Poweramp. Turning off remove silence from beginning/end of tracks has no effect on this issue.
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