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  1. Mega thanks! That worked. I am officially no longer being driven nuts! Life is sweet
  2. Hi, Trialling Poweramp because it plays all formats. It's not playing all .m4a files but playing some! I uploaded all my music files into my new (Android) Asus Zenfone (onto the micro SD card as there is too much music to fit on the phone's internal memory) and I can confirm the files are all there (checked file manager on phone plus connected to computer with cable and checked in Windows Explorer). At first I thought the .m4a files weren't playing at all, but here's a weird thing - All the .m4s files were missing, but then when I turned my phone on a couple of days later and was searching through my music (to play the .mp3 files) I noticed one of the previously missing albums was showing, but when I clicked on it, it was only showing two songs not the whole album. Strange that two songs in .m4a format are showing up and yet the rest aren't????? Any suggestions appreciated!
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