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  1. Yes all I was meaning here was play store won't ask you to pay again.
  2. You may have to download the "Poweramp Unlock" app for the full version. Playstore should automatically detect you as a full version user from there.
  3. Yes, I think this is the case. I didn't notice when I reinstalled the app last week but it seems I have a beta version now and that option 'File Legacy Mode' is missing from the settings so I assume it's removed now. Android 11 is an official release, (Not beta) just released last Tuesday, but it's only limited to pixel 2 and up (and some other devices).
  4. Alright this worked. I had to delete the app and reinstall it again. This time when I opened Poweramp it asked for where the library is and has "Pixel 3" but I couldn't select or expand the tree, however I selected the + button and was able to add it from there. I am very sorry about that I should have checked that myself. Thanks.
  5. https://developer.android.com/about/versions/11/privacy/storage What I could find about the update specifically to storage.
  6. As for "File Access Legacy Mode" not sure where that is and don't recall ever using it or turning it on. Where is that so I can check?
  7. Well that's the issue. Internal storage is not selectable so I cannot goto the music folder from there and the /system_ext/ does not have the form folder. I tried using the + sign to add it but even though the files are there Poweramp still doesn't see anything. I've even tried to check and reselect the permissions for the app in settings to no effect. Believe me if it's user error, or a pebkac I would not need help. My alarm also uses a downloaded ring tone and I notice that wasn't working either this morning. I know that's a Google thing but the problem seems to be related to me. Also it was working with Android 10. It's only since Tuesdays major update with Android 11 that it's not working anymore.
  8. If this helps at all.. The mount point seems to be pointing to /storage/emulated/0/Music
  9. Yeah I understand linux. Been using it for 20 years now. I understand the frustration!
  10. Yes login with username does work. Login with email address does not. Your forum does say login with either or.
  11. This morning my alarm didn't go off as well. It was a downloaded ring tone. This tells me that the cause of this and Poweramp not being able to find media anymore that Google changed something in the file structure of the phone. All of my media is still on the phone but the media cannot be found by the app.
  12. I also having to reset my password everytime I login. Using Google to autofill or even entering the right password still produce login failed.
  13. Android 11 breaks Poweramp after update. The app can no longer find the Music folder. Poweramp build 882, Full version. Android 11, Pixel 3 Open app... With message doesn't look like anything here. Select folder... Cannot select drop down arrow next to internal storage press select.. doesn't find anything. Also tried select folder option, select music folder, use this folder and still can't find anything. Music folder is full of about 200 mp3s. Thanks
  14. It may be, I do get a warning when I plug in sometimes, but usually can turn it up once I press Ok. But even when that kicks in the first thing you notice is what appears to be no sound, but its actually so low it cant be heard. I have an LG nexus 5 with 4.4.4. Yeah know I should upgrade to 5 but having issue with that right now too and not really liking the UI anyhow...
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