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  1. It has taken me an unreasonable amount of time to get back on here and reply and I am sorry about that. Still, I wanted to let you know that I tried all of the recommendations suggested on June 11 to no avail. The artist and song name do NOT display when I blue tooth my music from my phone to the Alpine unit using Power Amp Pro. I am at a lost and always open to new suggestions should there be any. Thank you.
  2. Actually, I just checked my settings and Android Lock Screen is enabled and so is Metachanged Intent, Just checked one of the options under CyanogenMod Metachanged intent (that was previously disabled). I'll let you know...thanks again!
  3. Thank you...I just signed in and found this (never got an email like I thought I would). I will try this next time I hit the car and keep you posted. I appreciate you trying to help.
  4. Hi all. I have the paid version of Poweramp and a Samsung Note 3 running Lollipop. I blue tooth my music from my phone to my car radio which is an Alpine CDE-HD137BT. The radio displays the names of the artist, song or album playing. Ever since my phone was updated to Lollipop, the artist, song and album no longer display when I use Poweramp and the Alpine radio. The radio still plays my playlists and I can pause and do everything else...I just can not get any info on the radio about the song being played. Artists, etc. do display when I am playing radio stations, so I don't think the prob
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