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  1. I don't know where i can check the chromecast version on the TV. Will try tomorrow. My mistake he has a A50 and I'm pretty sure about Android 10 since he has black Instagram and black OS I forced Poweramp to send cover through chromecast but it still doesn't appear just like the music
  2. Hello, Yesterday my dad found out that you can stream via chromecast on Android TV (in my case Sony 2019 model). He has a Samsung Galaxy A70 with Android 10 and Poweramp 853 I have a Galaxy S9+ with android 8.0 and had the old Poweramp design build because i liked the design more and of course the chromecast was not available there. So updated to 853 beta through playstore and when i stream through chromecast there is no cover and no sound coming. I didn't change anything in the chromecast settings and even reinstalled Poweramp with stock settings it didn't work Does it not work on Android 8.0? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, using Poweramp for so long and everytime i buy a new phone the hi res won't work. Galaxy s9+ this time and enabled the stock uhq upscaler when having headphones but Poweramp can't activate ut only opengl hi res Tia
  4. Works perfectly on Galaxy S5 but there are no songtexts and is Galaxy Tab S supported for Hi-Res?
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