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  1. This post is quite old,anyway someone already gifted me legitimate license specially for myself for my email Anyway $3 is nothing whereas ferrari is in million If i have some $ thing which actually cost me nothing just needed to give him free unlocker,can gift u for free man See the price and worth and then make choices
  2. It doesnot mean it is badly encoded ,winamp on pc and jetaudio plus music player works perfectly even Poweramp 2 works fine The problem is with v3 alpha Br Jasi
  3. Also i saw the time is shown wrong like i have some songs like it shows 3.56sec of song but song goes upto 4.31sec
  4. yes many are from same source, hopefully @maxmp will fix if album art are bigger so this seek issue gets resolved
  5. but previous Poweramp ie v2 seeks it perfectly thats what i want it again
  6. here is one sample MP3 (i only have mp3 formats) :- http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/ivdKhnBH/file.html most of them are 64kbps songs
  7. @maxmp Poweramp build 702,galaxy s5 SM-G900H exynos marshmallow 6.0.1 - seek problem ,also tested on build 703 same problem - some songs does not gets seeked front or back and starts from start i also show example in jetaudio plus how perfectly it works in video VIDEO [RAR Archive but mp4] :- http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/IleEUJ9x/file.html Also if we can add seek in notification bar like jetaudio guys did ? its possible
  8. migrate means to move license to other not refund/return right ? i used correct words i guess,anyway i got the email i wanted thats all ,sorry to hear about you,if you really bought license sv84 send him the email copy u received when u purchased from website from paypro
  9. no money goes to same developer only,both has their own commission google play as well as paypro but money goes to developer only i actually wanted to redeem that for unlocker ,leaving website email to none or not usable again (i donot want refund why would i ?) but anyway alex changed my email though still i have to use website version always for licensing
  10. @maxmp Okay guys one guy PM me and i also see the people here want the support Anyway when @andrewilley says you to use email Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com This email is used by Alex the another one guy for support Poweramp - it is programmed by one man only named Maxim Peteov The support is slow cus he doesnot have another guys to support him Actually he is not hiring many are free on internet to do that stuff Anyway hopefully like one guy here sv84 something maybe others too i wanted him to send me PROMO CODE for unlocker so that i can redeem it for unlocker from play store but he kept again sending me same and same email again and again like copy paste to send order id and stuff Anyway after all this things i gave him email to change cus i found he will not send me promo code but hopefully he changed the email but didnot get promo code,app is actually 1$ for play store but play store doesnot accepts aome cards so i bought it for $3.99 from site But as you i thought i would get nice support and service As in last developer donot wanna hire though millions of people has locense for it,if you multiply it by 3.99$ he already got millions of money but still he cannot hire ? @andrewilley is the guy who is managing forums stuff i dont knw if he get paid or not otherwise u will find this as dead forum as developer is all off most of the time I donot have problem with developer cus he is the one coder in all,but for the ease of customers he should have hired some guys to do the service so it wont be hard for customers. AS a IT student of master degree i can say support is really important and max should consider it till when he will keep people going crazy like this ?
  11. @maxmp Hello Maxim Petrov i bought the Poweramp from site with some other email,i want you to please remove my email from that and give me Promotional code so that i can use that license with play store i can give you my email and real order id from which i purchased through paypal there is some urgent reason why i want to do due to those circumstances please migrate my license and send me promotional code which i will redeem from play store and can verify license with play store You Can Reply here i will PM you here on any email you want me to send detials Best Regards Jasi2169
  12. okay works fine now ,visualizations actually are amazing
  13. not all people like you are over 30 or have jobs im talking abt students ,definately people who have jobs will buy this app for sure i can buy 10 copies if i had job and any source of money no ? its like we want it but we cant have it cus we cant buy but our heart actually want to use then we look here and there for means for free
  14. do you guys provide any ways to them who cant purchase this app i mean seriously i cant and maybe many ? not only this app actually any app i cant purchase and there are many guys might be im thinking if you can make player with some lack of features like remove edit tags or something so that guys who cant purchase can use Poweramp anybody agree ?
  15. hi i can fix this your device maybe kitkat and above and you cant delete or edit tags because ur externel sdcard dont provide permissions to external apps except myfiles in case of smasung i can make app to edit permissions of system and it can work but u need root without admin rights i cant do anything
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