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  1. Confusing... as far as I was aware, the Volume Leveling done in MediaMonkey Gold should carry over... yet the volumes seem wildly different in a lot of the files. So I should try using MP3 Gain and should see better results?

  2. Any idea why volume normalization has been a requested item for some time, yet has never been implemented? Drives me crazy that I hit one song I can barely hear then the next one blows my eardrums out. Have tried MediaMonkeys Volume Leveling but doesn't seem to have any effect. Wondering if the app is missing something that doesn't allow for it too work properly or what? But for sure it really would be nice to see a normalization option.

  3. My problem is I'm OCD and things have to be spot on. I realize a lot of artists can fall under multiple genres, but I'm trying to decide which genre out of 50 that might be attached to an artist I should pick to make it easier when sorting by genre. Maybe keep it simple like:


    Classic Rock


    Hard Rock


    Heavy Metal




    Am I missing anything? (shrugs shoulders)

  4. On 8/31/2018 at 6:52 PM, MortTheBeast said:

    @maxmp Just sent a crash report. First real problem encountered. Using the new 795 on an S8+... I hit the Search option, type a couple letters and then hit the 3 dots, then hit List Options and it crashes every single time.

    Deleted 793 and fresh install of 795 and still the problems persists. Crash after crash attempting List Options. Not only that, but I just noticed if I just bring up the Search, hit the 3 dots to open the menu for the List Options... but not actually press it and just back out, it also crashes. Dangit.

  5. 5 hours ago, KTOuy said:

    no offense but this is a pointless request, first it looks good and unless you spend the entire song looking at the cover or trying to do things just in that spot, i rather see other things fixed.

    Did anyone say they only want these options and didn't care about anything being fixed? I mean really? Wow! I can see you as a mechanic: "Ma'am, I skipped fixing your breaks, but I did shake out your dirty floor mats." And lets use your logic in a few other things in life...

    1. Don't bother making your bed, cause it's just going to get messed up again.

    2. Why flush the toilet, when you're just gonna have to flush it again next time.

    3. Don't waste your money pimping out your car, because it's pointless, unless you're gonna stand outside of it and stare at it all the time.

    4. Why do anything at all with your life, when eventually you're just gonna die.


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