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  1. Any idea why volume normalization has been a requested item for some time, yet has never been implemented? Drives me crazy that I hit one song I can barely hear then the next one blows my eardrums out. Have tried MediaMonkeys Volume Leveling but doesn't seem to have any effect. Wondering if the app is missing something that doesn't allow for it too work properly or what? But for sure it really would be nice to see a normalization option.

  2. My problem is I'm OCD and things have to be spot on. I realize a lot of artists can fall under multiple genres, but I'm trying to decide which genre out of 50 that might be attached to an artist I should pick to make it easier when sorting by genre. Maybe keep it simple like:


    Classic Rock


    Hard Rock


    Heavy Metal




    Am I missing anything? (shrugs shoulders)

  3. Well.... I hope I'm not the only one with this issue or I'm screwed. The only options that actually works properly where pressing play, plays everything within the category... is All Songs and Recently Added (Though Recently seems more like All songs... not sure how far back it looks)

  4. 34 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Sure, upload them if you like. Do they fail again when you put the 'A' prefix back in the tag, or in the filename, or the folder name?


    I could only upload 1, since both ended up being a touch over the limit allowed. I did just mess with the files within PA... I made one change at a time while re-scanning between each change. Started with main folder, sub folder, file name, artist name, album artist name and then album name... took me all the way too the last thing.... album name and then stopped showing album art. So for sure an issue with PA and the prefix of "A" within the album name tag.

    Flock of Seagulls - I Ran.mp3

  5. 10 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    'Repeat' mode is the second button from the right (next to Shuffle) beneath the album art on the player screen. The display wording has changed a bit, but it can be set to:

    • Jump to First Song in List [was Repeat List]
    • Jump to Next List [was Advance List]
    • Repeat Selected Song [was Repeat Song]
    • Stop on Last Song in List [was Repeat Off]

    'List' in means the general grouping level that is currently playing - such as next Album, next Folder, next Genre, etc. So in this case, at the end of a list you want to advance to the next one. 


    So are you saying I need to create a list just for this too work? I hope not, cause I can't sit and make a list of 100's of artists lol. If not though... I have tried every option you suggested and still only plays that first album. But again I have to say, that I shouldn't even have to make any adjustments to settings... there should be a simple straightforward means of playing an entire album like the long press in the past which required no setting changes... just long press and worked.

  6. 4 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    It plays all of an artist's albums for me. You do have 'Jump to Next List' (which used to be called 'Advance List' before) enabled as your Repeat mode don't you?


    In the past I never had to enable anything... just long pressed and boom... all albums played. And I have no idea what Jump to Next List is and I don't have or even know where a Repeat mode is. I should be able to just press that play button and that's it.... aside from that I'm lost.

  7. 6 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Artist artwork is not necessarily the same as album artwork. Changing the name would have forced a re-scan of the folder/file, so that might have been all that was needed and it might still work if you change it back again. The indexing sort order should ignore the 'A' (just like 'The' and 'An') but I would have expect the whole name to be used for artwork downloading purposes (or is this embedded cover art?)


    When I saw the problem I double checked the mp3's thinking something might be wrong them but nothing seemed out of order. But in any case, I ripped the 2 songs again  and re-applied the album art, deleted the 2 mp3's on the phone, copied the re-worked mp3's to the phone, re-scanned multiple time and the problem persisted. So then I thought maybe some wonky issue with the album art itself... so found another image and did the whole process again and still it persisted.

    If you look at my image above... kind of makes no sense does it? Shows the album art everywhere but the mp3's. After messing about for half a day and giving it some thought... and my conclusion was that with having over 1000 mp3's and all having no problem except for those 2... the only thing left was the fact of them starting with the letter A prefix and I have no other artist that start with the A prefix. So I reworked those 2 mp3's to not contain the prefix... and boom... no problem.

    I would be happy to upload those 2 mp3's if you would like to see if you also have the problem... or anyone else for that matter. All the artist that have THE as a prefix are fine. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    Just tap on the artist name to see all their albums and then press the Play icon near the top of the screen. Or drill down another level to one specific album and press its Play button if you want. Or tap on an individual track to start with a specific song.

    The long-press function in any of the library views now takes you into multi-select mode, which is a more logical way to get there than the previous method.


    That's the problem... when I tap an Artist and see all their albums, I assumed it only made sense that pressing the play button up above them would play all the albums... but it only plays the first album in the list. I'm hoping it's just a broken function, because I would hate to be stuck with something that makes a simple function into an over complicated one lol

  9. In past versions I could simply go to Artists and Long Press it and hit Play and all albums from that artist would play, now it seems I have to create a Queue and then hit play and then go to Queue and remove from Queue to then add another artist. Am I missing some setting somewhere to make life easier or do I now have to keep jumping through all these extra hoops? Cause this seems ridicules to go from 2 steps to then  4 steps to do the same thing.

  10. Can anyone explain this? I have a single artist out of hundreds "A Flock of Seagulls" and for some reason the album art will not show on the 2 songs. Even stranger is that it shows on the header when you look via Artist and then a small circular shows also... but not the freakin songs. It's driving me mad...


  11. On 8/31/2018 at 6:52 PM, MortTheBeast said:

    @maxmp Just sent a crash report. First real problem encountered. Using the new 795 on an S8+... I hit the Search option, type a couple letters and then hit the 3 dots, then hit List Options and it crashes every single time.

    Deleted 793 and fresh install of 795 and still the problems persists. Crash after crash attempting List Options. Not only that, but I just noticed if I just bring up the Search, hit the 3 dots to open the menu for the List Options... but not actually press it and just back out, it also crashes. Dangit.

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