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  1. I could have been clearer, sorry about that. I know you're trying to help. Correct, there is no music on the sd card. I think I might be wasting my time. I'm really not sure, because my music has played and failed from both storage areas. What I am sure of is that my customer experience looks more like Im an unsuspecting member of a beta build team that is troubleshooting glitches instead of enjoying the product i purchased. The phone is current with updates (sprint is my service provider), the sd card and my phone are samsung products, I have started with a factory reset and a fresh formatting, other music players work fine playing music from both storage players. Samsung might say its a power amp issue and I would too. Perhaps the solution for me might come from power amp troubleshooting this. Sorry for the rant. Ill keep checking back to see if a solution presents itself.
  2. Thanks for the reply Andre! post#15 Note4-128gb SD I started with a factory reset (no additional apps installed) and a mounted reformat of theSD. Next, I installed power amp and with the phone's usb cable and the official Android File Transfer app installed on my MacBook Pro, I transferred 20 gigs of music to internal storage (android file transfer has a 4 gig limit when sending multiple files so I was careful to watch the file size so that no transfer failed)....Reloading my music, one album at a time to Note4 internal storage, when I was finished, Power Amp saw all the music and displayed it correctly. I played one song from each folder/album without a hitch. Things were fine for 2 days while power amp played Flac and mp3 files flawlessly. Today the messages, too many failed files , playing will stop now or folder is missing or not readable and failed to play file displayed randomly. I can also see that some songs are duplicated in the music directory. Googling "too many files, playing will stop now + power amp" produced posts on blogs about these same issues dating as far back as 2010.... over 1 million downloads of the unlock app on google play... and troubled users with the same issues for at least 5 years... please don't defend the app we all know that when it works it is awesome.... but when its broke, and wrecks music files and cost countless hours of customer time.. Im frustrated to say the least.
  3. Power Amp worked for a few days after I bought the full version (2 days ago) but after that, I've had the same thing happen. The first time I reformatted my microSD and put my music back on it, to no avail. Restart didn't help, fresh install didn't help, resetting my Note4 to factory default and only installing power amp didn't work either. Now it won't see any of the music on my samsung 128gb micro sd (this whole thing is SO frustrating). At this point I'd give up with any other app, however PA is the only player that opens and actually plays my flac files. Maybe I should mention that the first few times, I put my music onto the sd card via the official Android File Transfer app directly to the sd card. My music is on a MacBook Pro running Yosemite. I haven't tried this yet but my next move will be to usb my music directly to the phone using the same app and then transfer it to the card. Has anyone tried that as a solution??? If it works, I'll post it. Ryker
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